ABSOLUE CRÉATIONS will be present at  High-end MOC MUNICH 2018 11.12.13 MAI

An unmissable meeting for all of those , who are passionate about high fidelity sound systems. Come to meet professionals and other audio and video enthusiasts. Discover systems and listening rooms. Come with your friends, we are waiting for you !!

Absolue Créations will be present at the festivals

Festival its and image 2017 of the October 14th and 14th in Novotel Eiffel Tower :

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Festival its and image 2015 of the October 16th and 18th in Novotel Eiffel Tower :

Atoll et Triangle will present their innovations (many) for splendidlistenings, wiring is entrusted to Absolutecreations ( ligne IN-TIM)

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Living room High fidelity 2015 of the November 21st and 22nd Hotel Marriott Rive Gauche :

Absolue Creations / Atoll / Triangle , trilogie musicale

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Days Open doors Nantes Staccato :

Friday and Saturday the 13th and November 14thPresentation Mulidine Allegretto et Atoll SDA 100/200

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dear friends visitors, like each year since 2011, you came increasingly many to meet us at the time of this super appointment annual, Wecordially thank you.

Some anecdotes with our dealers and distributors of the end of the world. Some beautiful musical discoveries and a great good weather for these beautiful days.

Our exchanges and your encouragementsunceasingly make us evolve.

This year we wanted to diversify your listeningsand to propose to you very different configurationswith our presence in 5 rooms:


FIRST VOICE         CTOF9896                   ATOLL           CTOF0031

TAD                             CTOF0006                                AUDREAL      CTOF0034

MICROMEGA         CTOF9910



                                                                          We THANK them


Staccato, Mulidine & Absolue Créations… Préparez vous !


Special series at Crista technology
Mulidine Gives rhythm (already mythical) risethe tone, gets dressed with light and travel inthe musical universe
Our friends of Nantes very implemented andStaccato passage introduces true goddessesaccompanied by originator to you.
Large a thank you with Alain Cavro!  Ci belowthe official statement of the day open doors,good listening with all!
Mulidine Gives rhythm Carbon Touch
The Friday the 6th and Saturday, November 7, 2015:
Mulidine Gives rhythm Carbon Touch
Marc Fontaine will make us the honor of hispresence to present his ultrahighofrange, Rate Carbon Touch, aRate survitaminée and equipped in costumewith official reception with hiscompletion Carbon.
Let us recall that two new models of Rate, in addition to the model standard, available, are cabled into Absolute Creations, Intimate forone, Ultim for the other and that the result isabsolutely stunning, with an undeniablehierarchical logic between the three models andwhose performances propel these objects ofhumble appearance well towards topsbeyond the asking price.
The Carbon Touch adds a presentation of amarked modernity.
We will concentrate on the Carbon Touch, butlet us not exclude the possibility of comparingthe hierarchical range, Gives rhythm, Gives rhythm +, Gives rhythm ++
Presentation on electronic Accuphase and ByStaCCato
Wiring: in your opinion?

La news chez Staccato

Lien vers Crista Technologie

La république du son chez Absolue.

At the time of the last living room of Munich in May 2014, we had crossed the way of Michel Aublanc, editorinchief of the Republic of thesound.
Surveying the living rooms, multiplying the visits inthe manufacturers, the specialized stores,listenings, he convinces us of a meeting in ourbuildings.
We thank it for his visit during which wedeveloped freely of our trade and his. Attentivelistenings put rhythm into our day.
and the results were eloquent and in conformitywith our waitings. French musical qualityat beautiful days in front of it.
We thank it for his visit and let us invite you to discover his article in:La République du Son .


Partenariat : FONDAMENTA

4 principal actors brought together at the time ofthe concert to the Arsenal of Metz in February 2012.
Recording in concert RACHMANINOV for 2pianos, Alexander KOBRIN and Frederic Of ORIANICOLAS
This recording is the first to receive the prize:
If it is unquestionably the one more grayingreadings of these works, he results from it aprecision, a dynamics, and a realism of thestamps seldom equalized for a collecting of thistype. A quite simply extraordinary album!



8 micro highend, 2 audio systems Devialet DFirst and 126 meters of cables Absolute Creations especially realized for the occasion were usedfor the recording and the mastering.



CES LAS VEGAS 6-9 Janvier 2016

Like last year, we will begin 2016 while taking part in THESE from Las Vegas, the occasion forus to reexamine many visitors of the whole worldand to present our innovations Line power cords and New USB.

This  year Audioexcellent.com wishes to present acompletely French room with our partners ATOLL and ATHOM. if you made there a turn, come to meet us